Roommate Songtext
von Crush

Roommate Songtext

Is your roommate asleep? What are the secrets that you keep,
When you′re alone, when she's not home?
Does she cry when you′re away? And will she have something to say
About you being here, about you leaving there?

No, no, no. She said she didn't see your life change
You want to believe it's true, she′s got no hold on you
No, no, no, no. While you′re driving, watch the lights change
'Cause things are the way they are
And we′ve come too far to let here in between

Will you see it 'till the end? And will you lose another friend,
Like the ones before. What do you have in store?


Are you slowly getting tired? Or are you suddenly inspired
To keep moving on, or are you doing wrong?

Is your roommate asleep?

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