We Are the Future Songtext
von Crossfaith

We Are the Future Songtext

I can't look back
I know I'm gonna stray today
Strugging with the dark
I must cut these chains around me
I found everything I now stand for
Engraved in my soul(in my soul)
I don't wanna live as the dead
So I'm gonna cross this line

Your lies are polluting this life we are living it's haunting me
I'm feeling I'm drowning in guilt that I fight each and everyday

So it ends right here and here it starts
I can't go back to memories(to memories)
Even though I don't know where my hope has gone,
It ain't gonna stop me
It ends right here the end of misery here it starts I never look back
The battle for all I believe in
So now this is time to go

This is the war
We are the future
I gotta run run run to my future

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