Closer to the Fire Songtext
von Crossfade

Closer to the Fire Songtext

Eyes won′t lie
They tell of secrets we just wanna hide
Words can hurt
Telling lies to cover up our hearts
Can you feel the power
Of this never-ending storm?
Waiting for the moment to be right
Something's gonna change
Listen to your heart and just let go
Getting closer to the fi re
Can you feel the burning fl ame?
Of glowing passion and desire
Running through my veins
Time will tell
The future starts today without delay

Come what may
Lying to your heart is all in vain
No more time for silence
No more winter in our hearts
Got to seize the day and let it start
Life won′t be the same
Listen to your heart and just let go
No one knows where this passion will lead us
A leap into the unknown
I know what I feel
There's no other way
For you and me
Can you feel the flame?
Just surrender to the magic of the light
Glowing in the night

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