Forever Begins Songtext
von Common

Forever Begins Songtext

Victory won
In a world of Henessey and guns
Too young for the marches
But I remember these drums
To start reality
Wars and battles
We fought for ours
Caught in ghetto tragedy
I talk to my aunt named Mattie Lee
And recognize the importance of family
Hand me the joint
Good music and room to breathe
Those that doubt
Com' will soon believe
Can't judge the weave
My lady had one
I'm more like a fool
For soul and passion
The price of gas rises
Street life is pumpin' fast
Lives is
I'm watch crash
And realize that we all survivors
No religion or race
Whatever describe us
My guys do dirt do dirt
But never really talk about it
Forever begins
Just because I thought about it

Once Again
Then you go (x4)

Ashes and snowfalls
I wonder when the roll call for heaven gon' come
Forever gon come
It's a cold world
And I can never go numb
Fear in the eyes
Say I never gon run
Sooner or later
I know the cheddar gon' come
For now I write the world letters
To better the young
On tree by jury
Together we hung
Now we let our chains hang
And gang bang to maintain
Ghanastan goin' through the same thing
It trickles down
At each other we aim pain
I shoot for stars, peace and exclusive cars

Through the while I learned to earn hard
Watch gangstas turn God in the mist of war
No matter how much I elevate,
I kiss the floor
It was in the? when she said Dilla was gone
That's when I knew we'd live forever
Through song

[Chorus] x2


Is forever
Well, well well,
We are back in the studio again
Look at that
Hey I don' need no cue cards
They got the engineers holdin up the cue cards
What that say
Oh they say, just talk, don't sing
Son, i bet you and I feel like you and I've been here forever
30 years old red eyes,
Beholding red eyes
I see my world's tears
Yeah, origin is forever
Every peak will have 2 values
Hopeful eyes in the comfort
Of true protection and admiration of the chime
That's forever
Forever is to strive
A place of endearment
Forever is what I leave
My I-self contribution
Damn, what I gon' leave?
I leave my one and only grain of spiritual sand
To universal scales of humanity, all humanity
Forever is finding a solution to a solution
Tsunamis, hurricanes,
Following the trails of the African slave ships
War, war, and more war
Floods, Columbine, Global Warming, Earthquakes
Another somebody done me wrong, son
Virginia Tech, is not an, "Oh, What the heck."
We're still, did you place your one grain
Of spiritual sand forever?
Confusion need a solution
Blend and stir, stir and blend
The part of humanity; sift the ingredients
Of acknowledgment, apology, amendment, atone
We gonna work with the four A's here
Forever part
Common good is forever
God's memory is forever

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