This Is the Moment Songtext
von Colm Wilkinson

This Is the Moment Songtext

This is the moment
This is the day
This is the moment when I know I′m on my way.
Every endeavor, I have made ever
Is coming into play
Is here and now today...
This is the moment
This is the time
When the momentum and the moment are in rhyme
Give me this moment
This momentous moment
I'll gather up my past
And make some sense at last
This is the moment
When all I′ve done
All of the dreaming, scheming and screaming become one
This is the day
Just see it shine
When all I've lived for becomes mine!
This is the moment

This is the hour
When I can open up tomorrow like a flower
And with my hand to
Everything I've planned to
Fulfill my grand design
See all my stars align
This is the moment
My final test
Destiny beckoned, I never reckoned second best
I won′t look down
I must not fall
This is the moment
The sweetest moment
Of them all
This is the moment
Damn all the odds
This day or never, I′ll sit forever with the gods
When I look back
I will recall
Moment for moment
This was the moment
The greatest moment of them all

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