Losing Game Songtext
von Coldburn

Losing Game Songtext

You're not the person i should've met
Glances even colder than i've expected
Time is running slow, the winds are bad
Words seemed like nothing but a cheap effect

Theres no soul, no peace, no light
Lost values of some wasted days
Memories become blurred insight
Words of wisdom seem out of place

It feels like i never knew you,
Feels like i've never been here before
I try to face it with my two eyes
But with every blink i depart from what i've adore

Poisoned by the things you said
Realize that there's no one to blame
Shit, i'm happy about the times we had
In this world we play the losing game

The words i breathe are almost gone
Only pictures inside my head
Troubles and worries, don't know what i've done
Things are growing mad instead

There was a time it felt just like heaven
Losing this strikes me down to hell
I know it was a dream, twenty four seven
You dreamed yours, i dreamed mine - wishing you well!

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