She Goin’ Up Songtext
von Chris Brown X Tyga

She Goin’ Up Songtext

Now usually I don't do this
But a nigga wanna trip so I'ma take a nigga's bitch
Yeah, got 200 on the dash
A couple hundreds in my pocket but my credit card rich
Every night is somethin' different
I started poppin' pills with no prescription
24/7 on a mission
I'm the man with these bitches, if you watchin', pay attention
You shoulda left her in the kitchen
Now she cookin' up my mama's favorite dishes
She used to kiss it for you, now she swallow me
Now she missin', got your nigga reminiscin'
Why you textin'? She complainin', you be stressin'
With your weak ass cuffin', said she feel like she arrested
I told her, "do better", said she's open for suggestions
I said, "Come over to the crib and put your panties on my dresser"
And I don't really care
I know shit gon' hit the fan like a booty in the air
I'm with her, fuckin' up the sheets now
If your nigga bring his ass over here he gettin' beat down
Pause, nigga don't act like we boys
I bought a strap from a d-boy, my trap house got three floors
Better not fuck around with me, boy
That bullet won't killoid, why you mad, nigga?

Got your girl goin' up, goin' up right now
She be rockin' diamonds, fuckin' with designer
Red bottoms up right now
Got a nigga mad cause she seen your bitch chose up
Not you, made her life, brand new
She actin', brand new

Your girl goin' up, goin' up right now

Pussy open, yours two doors
Legs up like Aventador
Raw nigga to the core
Money long, boy broke niggas gon' snore
And I'm fresh out the store
I just bought it cause I'm bored
All up on the news in my new girl couture
They don't sell that at Nordstroms, imported, important
Tax out the border, the cash flow enormous
Dubai and endorsements, sources and foursomes
Got a bad bitch, so she touring, I got money on my lap
Pistol on my back, steaks on my tab
Fuck you know about that? 500 hundred on the Lamb'
Goin' up, yeah, I'm pourin' up

She took too much, now she throwin' up

Came out the top and I'm blazin'
Worldwide, nigga, it's amazin'

Screamin' loud, they gon' call the popos on us
She wouldn't shut up, but no, she in love with the coco
Dámelo that ass goin' loco
And I ain't gon' interrupt her dancin'
Cause she turnin' up right now
Do your thing, we gon' party all night long, baby
I'ma do what he won't do

I bet he won't sing to you
He ain't even got a ring for you
I got you, girl
I'ma make you hit them notes "oh, oh"
When I'm in and out, baby don't let go

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