World Slowing Down Songtext
von Chris B

World Slowing Down Songtext

I spoke the truth
And hated the lies
Its why they doughted me
And pushed me to the side
And now im on the rise
And they hate me now

I see the sun going down
I see it all slowing down
I smoke and pour another one
Ima keep going till im done
I ain't stopping for anyone
I dont give a dam what chu say
Ima make money either way
You can try ta step to the side
This planets a scary place
I dont know what i should say
You can get up in my face
You can try to do what you want
I ain't gonna let you break me
Ima keep doing what im meantie
Meantie is short
For what im meant to do
Ima keep doing what im meant to do
Now you see me high in the altitude
Bitch you should of watched your attitude
I dont give a dam not mad at chu
Im just doing what im supposee to
Your just on that hoe who wrote you
You say that your doing better
But i see you making no chedda
Still doing the same
When you meet me
And i still ignore when you txt me
It all turns bad
Than it gets worse
You stay up all night cause it hurts
Tossing and turning
Poping purks
Just ta get some sleep so you can go to work

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