Reward Points Songtext
von Cheekface

Reward Points Songtext

Reward points:
I have to wait a year for my birthday like everyone else
An odd form of mourning
A huge collection of DVDs
And I am looking at my phone in peace

Send my fondest regards to the comments section
The comments are neither created nor destroyed
A disconnected smoke detector oftentimes, or all the time

I'm retracting my invitations and pulling down the decorations

I don't want to think about
A life I learned to live without
A Diet Coke
A diet fries
A diet life, but super size
So you got everything you wanted – now what?
I don't want to think about it, don't make me

It's too cold for a Coke
It's too cold for corruption
Man, it's too cold for charity
But i can talk to computers, they'll tell me what the weather is

Lucky Charms
I was born at the front of the line, my teeth in my mouth
My upset stomach that never ends
From being someone else's friend

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