Call Your Mom Songtext
von Cheekface

Call Your Mom Songtext

A microdose of friendship
I'm right twice a day
Who's the Russian oligarch now?
The oat milk latte, the undercover cops

Here comes another sleepless night
You rise and then shine to the DVD menu
You ever open both of your eyes at the same time only to find you got a Cheekface lyric face tat?

They hold hands as she reaches for the pasta
While we wait in line for participation trophies
Waiting until we get hungry again
Leave thе tap running at the fountain of friends

Keep the rеceipts if you want to return life's gift to the mall
A canary in a gold mine

An IV drip of kindness
Quick, touch all the dogs
No late capitalism while I'm talking
Life's rich uncles, their ice cream shop has closed

Fear served us well for quite some time
Now we grow our own kale and live our lives

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