And Then Some Songtext
von Charly McClain

And Then Some Songtext

Wait'll I get you down on the farm
For a little fresh air & these lovin' arms
City lights made your heart so tough
You just haven't been loved enough
Country girls got a way of their own
Know how to love till the cows come home & then some

& Then some moon will shine
& Then some stars will find you
Feelin' like you never felt before
& Then, city boy, you'll see
How sweet love is gonna be
'Cause you'll be in some & then some

When I get you way out here
We'll take a little ride on the old John Deere
Stop by the creek where the corn grows tall
You won't wanna go back at all
Country girls got a mind of their own
Wanna be loved till the cows come home & then some

& Then some

(Repeat chorus & fade)

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