Anywhere You're Going Is on My Way Songtext
von Charlie Fink

Anywhere You're Going Is on My Way Songtext

Turn up the music, let it play
I got my old motor back today
And the tank is near on full
So i m headed stright to you
Can u hear me pull into the driveaway

Singing anyway you re going is on ma way
I'll drive all night while you DJ
Got nowhere i needed to be
From the mountain's top to the endless sea

Opened up tge door no hesitation
We don't need a money or a destination
We could ride to the break of day
Anywhere u go is on ma way

Lemma body down on the backseat
And pull my thights down with ur teeth
The night is gettin' late
We have no time to wait
The day will try to steal you like a thief
Singing anywhere u go is on ma way
Sometimes i wish i had the faith to pray
I'd pray to keep this moment last
Give up ma future forget ma past
But we don't any declarations
Love is built in quite quite patience
And all I need is to hear u say
Anywhre u re goin is on ma way

- @_retnowulandari_

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