Blue Light Alarm Songtext
von Cerys Matthews

Blue Light Alarm Songtext

let the lights turn green
and let the roads be clear
and let nobody be in the way

daylight traffic moves so slow
going to finally let you go
dogwoods bloom by the river

come hell or high water
you'll be there where i ought to
now i always want to be there
when you work the whole thing through

you ask me to decide
like there's a choice that matters
like writing letters everyday
broke at last, you're eyes won't fail
walking out on the wrong day
going to love you anyway

come hell or high water
you'kk be there where i ought to
now i always want to be there
when you come out the other side

everything i thought we knew
someone's old is our new
hits me like a hurricane

blue eyed mornings don't come cheap
talk too much, too easily
but there's always more to say

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