Hellion Songtext
von Cardio Kazan

Hellion Songtext

Golden flames ignite like never before,
Scars are painted with some poison on my arms,
Stories as verse,
Motivated by some comets from a lost universe,
But identities remain unbreakable.
The marks remind us that we still feel,
Hiding underneath their skin,
(Third person's skin won't hold)
Look around and all the pain that you've cost

Golden flames ignite like never before
The parallax tells me we are not touching ground.
We are pendulous bodies just floating, no gravity bind.
Deceiving decisions, we try to revive,
We almost forgot we are just ashes and dust.

But identities remain unbreakable,
Hiding underneath their skin,
Third person's skin won't hold,
Look around at all the pain that you've cost

Relativity that brings us to confront fall,
To confront for...!
The particles remaining from our fellow ones,
The vectors that measure the course of the decisions you make,
Who are you abducting our essence to fulfill your emptiness?
(We are unbreakable)

Golden flames ignite like never before,
But identities remain unbreakable

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