When Crows Tick on Windows Songtext
von Carach Angren

When Crows Tick on Windows Songtext

Three quite calm nights went by.
Merely the silence before a new tempest arrived.
All hell breaks loose on night four.
The children can now hear how father is whipping their squealing mother
With his leather belt while she falls to the floor.
The fear and tension is rising by the day.
The boy falls asleep but his sister is kept awake
Tick-tack! It's time to go!
For there's a crow... Tick! Tack... Ticking on her window.
She has no explanation why she has a terrible feeling
That someone is going to die.
Next morning they leave everything behind.
They bring some clothes, water and bread.
They run with fear
But without hesitation and regret,
Without looking back.

Darkness has fallen.
Two children are afraid and lost in the night.
They walk on an old road when a car appears
And they're too slow to hide.
Goddamn! He found them!
Goddamn! He found them!
Goddamn! He found them...
His eyes glow like those of SATAN himself!
He's cursing, pounding, screaming!
Throws his son into the car.
Hits his little daughter so hard!
Tell me the truth. I know this was you.
But no more, little whore.

I'll punish you like I've never done before.
Goddamn! Goddamn!
His eyes glow like those of SATAN himself!
They get beaten, locked up and mistreated.
There's no place like home!

And she opens her eyes after another brutal night.
Weeping wind whining hopeless tones
And there's no sunshine, it's still dark outside.
The living room is trashed.
There are bloodstains and pieces of glass everywhere.
Father still passed out on the couch.
Where's mother? And why is there water dripping down the stairs?

She walks up the staircase and sees her little brother
Holding on to the doorpost of the bathroom,
As if he had just seen a ghost.
His body is frozen, eyes wide open.
He does not react to her voice.
What's wrong? A tear rolls down his pale face.
And then!
The sight of their dead mother,
Floating in light red water flowing from the bathtub.
She had left the water faucet open,
Taken an overdose of pills and slit both her wrists.
No! She is dead! She is dead! Mother is dead!
No! Mama, why? Oh mother, goodbye...
Mommy, why? Oh mother, goodbye...
When crows tick on windows
Oh, when crows tick on windows...

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