Everything’s a Circle Songtext
von Captain Beyond

Everything’s a Circle Songtext

Everything is a circle
The roads lead back again
One thing is like another, brother
And I don't mean you may be a friend
The truth is never faraway
And life can't hold you down, no, no
Your dream's not lost when compared to space
What goes up goes down, baby
Everything's a circle in space.

Yes, you are too much unique for me
Can't you see my range shrink in size?
Why can't I hold a prism of your beauty
In these old worn-out eyes?
You never stay in one place long enough, babe
For my security
Every goddamn thing is a circle
It's just too hard to see
Everything is a circle, it's just so hard to see.

Everything is a circle sinking down
Feeling like my life's been wasted
The situation simply calls on me
To rectify this combination
What is wrong with this world of mine
Falling in a spiral?
This crazy spinning circle that I'm twisting in
I got no fight for that one
Going all around again
I am embedded in a 360° spin, yeah, yeah
What is wrong with this world of mine
Falling in a spiral?

Someone try to tell me
What is wrong with this world of mine.

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