Touchdown Songtext
von C-Stones

Touchdown Songtext

It takes real devotion
Real Emotion
To get in this game, boy
Do you wanna play
No hesitation
A declaration
That you'll be there
And you'll be here to stay
You can't be somewhere in the middle
I want it all and not just a little
I need conversation


The only way
And if you really wanna

Touchdown tonight
All what you gotta do is
Hit that so right
And make me feel it

Boy let me tell you what I won't do
I won't wait around for you to decide
Cause there's no halftime in this lifetime
Will you drop the ball or will you get it right
It you had one chance would you take it
It there was just one chance we could make it
But don't be clever
It's now or never
So if you ever ...
If you ever wanna

All I want to know,
Are you taken, boy
Or will you change your mind
The other side of tonight
Is it me you want
Or just a little fun
Cause I'm not the one
All said and done, so if you really wanna

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