The Blueprint Songtext
von C Dot Castro

The Blueprint Songtext

I know I may have changed
All my love, my love
I may have lost my way
All my love, my love
But every song I made
Was the blueprint to how I overcame
Was the blueprint to how I overcame
Was the blueprint to how I overcame
Was the blueprint to how I overcame

Yeah, I've wanted a lot of things that I couldn't have
I've done a lot of things that I shouldn't have
But I live with no regrets
Cause I wouldn't be here if I chose a different path
I've worked so hard, I've worked so thorough
I love my team, I wouldn't trade 'em for the whole world
But I would trade these groupie bitches in a heartbeat
If there was a chance that I could ever have my old girl
My first love man, I can't believe I lost her
Due to miscellaneous bitches on my roster
So my advice to all my homies out there
With a woman that really cares
Don't fuck around, it might cost ya
Yeah, but like I said man it's no regrets
We move forward, stay positive and hope for the best
I'm obsessed, I want it all dawg and nothing less
I'd rather be a dead man than to live with no success
So I spit it from deep in my chest
All of these inner feelings, used to just keep 'em suppressed
Then I wondered why the fuck I would be so depressed
And I realised that I really just need to confess
So when you hear me on a record it's the real me
I only do it for the people that can feel me
And if you wanna hate, then go ahead and feel free
But I'ma continue to do this shit until it kills me
I've been lost, I've been found, I've been up I've been down
I've been broken, I've been used, beaten and abused
By a bitch ass mother fucker my mama would choose
So before you judge me, be sure that you walk in my shoes
I used to sleep out on the streets with a couple sheets
Feeling weak, I've gone weeks with nothing to eat
But fast forward, just a couple years more
Me and my team about to do a nationwide tour
And the second I would find that out
It's like I forgot everything I ever cried about
It gets tough, the road may get a little rough
It's all good homie, you just gotta ride it out
I used to walk upon these tracks, now I'm hurdling
So my homies would never have to snatch a purse again
Yeah, but I knew it was truly worth it when
I could tell my mama she don't ever have to work again
Only 20 years old when she made me
Just a baby, with a baby
Yeah I know girl I drove you all crazy
Jumping off the walls, going all ADHD
Dropping out of school, no job, I was lazy
You said I'd end up locked up or pushing out daisys
But you know girl, that ain't how you raised me
That was just a faze, I wasn't finna let it phase me
Been on a mission just to get it and I got it now
They know the name, my fans asking me to jot it down
This music shit you know a nigga all about it now
Cause I don't know where the fuck I would be without it now
I used to be a [?], I could pop the collar now
The girl that used to diss me asking me to call her now
I used to look out in the crown and hear not a sound
Huh, (Castro), that's what they shouting now

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