Realest Song I Ever Wrote Songtext
von C Dot Castro

Realest Song I Ever Wrote Songtext

Thinking about how far I've come, how far I'm going
Speeding on the road to riches, no I'm never slowing
I worked so long with no results but now it's finally showing
I planted the seed a while ago but now it's finally growing
Went from being anonymous to everybody knowing my name
Trying to remain focused but it's hard to refrain
From the perks of the fame and it's a damn shame
I would dip out of the lab just to sip some champagne
With a bad bitch who wouldn't give a fuck if I ain't have shit
For some reason I think I needed when I wanted
The feeling of feeling wanted while drinking and getting blunted
Then you wake up in the morning like "fuck I shouldn't have done it"
You know that feeling you get deep down in your stomach when you know you wrong
Wasting time with her, whole time I could've wrote a song
Looking in the mirror like "Yo what is going on?"
I'm feeling so weak but I know I'm strong
Could it be when we witness our own mothers
With multiple lovers, when we just needed her there to love us
Then we grow up and attempt to fill the void
By being under covers with bitches that just wanna fuck us
I apologise if I digress
It's just that as I'm writing I realise why I stress
Over shit that's major to me that hold such minor importance
Like driving the flyest whips, rocking the latest Jordans
Spend all of my time recording with hopes of making a fortune
Just so I can be at peace when all this brings is distortion
Could it be cause in my past I saw
All of these spoilt little kids that always had it all
When all I had was hand-me-downs
Never accepted, just rejected
Always looked at as a square, so now I have to ball
Cause after all the same thing that makes the world go round
Is the same thing that's making all these girls go down
(And I know)
That they don't really love me, just feels good to hear them say it
My song on the radio, it feels good to hear 'em play it
The waitress brings the check, feels good to be the one to pay it
Without a recipe, feels good to still say that I made it
And if I changed, then I changed for the better
Nothing changed but the cheddar and the way I pay fees
So when I make it rain, nothing changed but the weather
Cause I know the cheddar ain't gon' make a nigga say cheese
Cause at the top it's lonely, it can be hard to cope
And all the riches don't mean nothing if your heart is broke
I swear this is the realest shit I ever wrote
So I know they gon' feel it, 'least I hope
And fuck being short term, this is a long term game
I got short term goals for that long term fame
Trying not to make a wrong turn
Cause what you do for short term pleasure can cause long term pain
And mama walways said there was something special about 'em, but that's just something mothers say right?
I told Logic that I couldn't have done it without 'em, but that's just something brothers say, right?
I let my team know as soon as I get it I got 'em
Wouldn't have it no other way right?
Middle finger to whoever that wanted to doubt 'em

Cause who the fuck is they right?

Away we can be can't be anymore than we already are
Oh bring it out of me
Bring it out of me
Bring it out of me

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