The Games Mine Songtext
von C-Biz

The Games Mine Songtext

Impact on the track
It′s that C Biz shit
That ER shit that you already fuckin' know
And straight gas
Get that sauce, fill that motherfucking joint
You feel me

Get the cocaine out the foil
Bring the water to a boil
I′m whippin' my wrist in a coil
I'm spillin′ sauce like it′s oil
All of my nigga's are loyal
No extortion they ain′t spoilt
ER is all I do best
Cuttin' prices like I′m Troy

Everytime I fuck a bitch
I put plastic on my dick
In the kitchen with a presser
I gymnastic on a brick
Microwave or a stove
Pyrex pot whipping O's
Whip a roley whip a bimmer
Whip up Hurricane Katrina
In the trap′s where I'm at
Flippin' packs gettin′ racks
I take a L I smoke a L
I hit the trap I get it back
These niggas hate to show the love
I know connects, I know the plug
He made you pay way too much for that
He won′t connect he ain't the plug

12 gauge in my shotty
I got your girl in my lobby
I give her anything she wants
Dick cos I′m a fuck-a-holic
You know my man he knows you well
I seen your number in his cell
Well I don't really give a fuck
I tell your man I fucked his girl

I hit the streets I play the game
I build the shit I made the name
I hit the note I change the game
I made some change I change my lane
I made the change and broke the chain
I caught a case I change my name
I made the lane and showed the way
ER and so we ate
C Biz you best know it
ER we done showed it
A nigga put me in the grave
40 counts you best blow it
I hit the rave and shut it down
I moved the base I smoked the loud
Your broke you joke you′re just a clown
You ain't on road you′re just about

C Biz the name is sick
My flow is hard I take the piss
I paid the price I get the brick
I break it down and feed the strip
44 for protection
All gold in my section
ER to the world
That's the team that I'm reppin

MOB on these bitches
I throw money on hoes
RIP to these snitches
That′s how everything goes

I paid the price and live the life
Your shits a mess you live a lie
C Biz the game is mine
My tables full we eatin′ rice
I came from jail they said I'm broke
I heard he laughed they told a joke
I switched the game and fibbed the lane
He ate his word I made him choke
C Biz you best know it
ER we done showed it
We′re the best and they know it
I'm the best and they know it

Get the cup fuck the measure
Get the press put the pressure
I whip the brick and get the press
It′s rated 8 it sells for less

Fuck a 10 I'm in the den
I sell a brick I′m makin 10
Free my little bro in pen
I'm goin hard we're back again

C Biz, ER, SK trust me
All of my niggas are trappers
Most of my niggas are sittin′ in jail
But all of my niggas are stackers
Day in the life nigga kept it so trill cos
None of my niggas are actors
And I ain′t fuckin' round with nobody else
Cos most of them niggas are slackers

I want the money fuck the fame
ER in my blood
My jeans are slim my tee is fit
All my pockets on flood
Tony Montana niggas came up
Rollin round with bandanas and hammers
I came from the slammer
Now all I see is rich niggas rollin on my manor


Impact on the track

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