On May Way Up Songtext
von Brian May

On May Way Up Songtext

On My Way Up

Backing Vocals - Cathy Porter, Shelley Preston

I′m on my way up
Can't put me down
Business is tough
I ain′t gonna get pushed around
I'm on my way
Gonna take this town
It's gonna be mine all mine, it′s my time
I′m on my way (on my way up)
Straight to the top (I'm telling myself)
Oh I′m telling myself (I'm totally sussed)
I′m putting my name around
On my way up
(On my way up) Gonna get a lot of rhythm
Got positivism to give 'em

I′m on my way through
Where I'm going to
You wouldn't believe
But I′ll make it - I′m thinking of telling you
I'm on a roll
Gonna have it all
It′s gonna be fine so fine, baby all the time
I'm in control (on my way up)
I′m mighty bold (I'm telling myself)
I′m looking good (I'm totally sussed)
I'm quitting the neighbourhood
On my way up (yes I am)
(On my way up) Gonna get right with them
Got all of my life left for living

Nobody gonna tell me no
Nobody gonna stop me so
Everybody gonna see me grow
Nobody gonna hold me down
Gotta get to be better place
Gotta wake up and see your face
Gotta hold on
Move on
Go through that wall

It′s my life or it′s nothing
Our life or it's nothing at all

I′m on my way up, yeah
Better come with me, lets go

I'm on my way (on my way up)
Yeah, gonna get it right (I′m telling myself)
Oh I'm telling myself (I′m totally sussed)
Gonna make it this time around
On my way up
(On my way up) gotta get that rhythm baby
(On my way up) gonna start that rhythm baby
(On my way up)
Got all of my sights set on heaven

Ain't no stopping me now...

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