Low Desert Punk Songtext
von Brant Bjork

Low Desert Punk Songtext

Well I′m gettin' up when the sun goes down
And I shine ′em up and I hit the town
Well I trim it clean and I roll it up
And then I take it nice and slow... so what the fuck man
So just give me the time and I'll get you right, you'll just have to push your luck tonight
A shot of Sauz to pull me through, and I′ll fly my magic carpet on over to you baby
I′m gonna let the stars show me the way
I'm gonna drop in on your palace... and I′m gonna be your slave
Cuz I live it up in Bermuda Dunes
And I stain the sand of hits land with all the blood that I lose
A little sugar gonna set me free
But you got some spice... and that's what I need

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