Raven Master Songtext
von Boogie T

Raven Master Songtext

I am literally about to explain to you every song ever now
Slow intro
The music is quiet and the first verse begins Then the chorus,
When everything kicks back in, catchy, catchy, yeah, yeah, yeah
Then a bridge that starts to build to a crescendo and
Right when you think it's about to punch... everything stops

Give me something different

That's pretty much every song ever now

Um, dude, can I ask you something while you're here?
What kind of music do you like? I love everything except for country


You are doing it wrong

Hey yo, DJ, come with the riddim.

(Let's just keep on dancin)


(I'm gon keep on dancing)

I try not to turn on the radio often, but when I do,
I feel very sad for humanity, my future children,
And the soul, or the lack thereof, of the music industry
But it's not even like it'd be that hard to fix music.
All you have to do is change these 7 things and all the music would
Be awesome. Number 1:
Everybody talkin riddim man but all it is is dubstep
What does this even mean

Goin bringing back dubstep

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