Keep Believing Songtext
von Bob Mould

Keep Believing Songtext

And now the hearts are beating
And all our sadness has been washed away
The drug that keeps me breathing
I stick it in me every day

The needle, the sound
This groove it goes around

An anthem keeps repeating
I'm dialing up a song from far away
And you can't get this feeling anywhere
But here, right here, right now

No choice, can't leave
I have to keep believing

Bring me thoughts and words
Pass me the revolver
I can see for miles
And everything's in color

Rock and roll all night
Until I feel the thunder
I got a handle on some
Complicated fun

We're all sniffing glue
Pleasures so unknown
A circle drawn in blue
The murmur baritone

Picnic on a Pedro lawn
Heaven took that monkey song
Never mind the battle won
Could you be the loveless one?

Always keep believing
Have to keep believing
Never lose that feeling
Have to keep believing

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