Outro Songtext
von BlocBoy JB

Outro Songtext

Ooh-oo child, things are gonna get easier
Ooh-oo child, things are gonna get easier
Tay Keith fuck these niggas up

I'm having visions in my head,
Thinking 'bout me being dead (being dead)
All fucked up, down bad on my ass again (ass again)
Lost so many niggas, man it feel like we in Pakistan (Pakistan)
Or maybe Afghanistan (Afghanistan)
Man I hate to lose my mans (that's on my mama)
Lost some niggas to that gunfire (to that gunfire)
Rest in peace to Simi, why you had to die? (RIP ya, RIP ya)
I load up my semi and shoot gunfire (I shoot gunfire)
And it's fuck the other side 'til I see you on that other side
When I lost C-Rock, man that shit felt like my brother died
I was outside (outside), P-95, I had to let it ride (let it ride)
Rest in peace Bo-40
I just copped a forty (I just copped a forty)
I up with my forty just to get him off me
(Just to get him off me)
Rest in peace Ja Freezer and Lil Thump
We gon' ride out (ride out)
Hey I don't take that easy, pop the trunk, let's go hide out (rrah)
My B's brought the hive out (hive out)
I'm Crip but brought the fives out (the fives out)
Fully loaded, sauce like ravioli,
With my nine out (with my nine out)

Yeah, hah, hah, hah
Yeah yeah yeah
Get brighter, hey, hey

Free Jaylen (free Jaylen)
Free Lot (free Lot)
What ya saying? (what ya saying?),
Free the block (free the block)
Caught your man (caught your man), in the van
Now he need an ambulance (ambulance)
Broke niggas don't stand a chance,
Broke nigga, get some bands

Free Jaylen, free lot (ayy)
What ya saying? (ayy), free the block
Ladies and gentleman, I wanna y'all to count with me
Free Jaylen, free lot (ayy)
What ya saying? (free my motherfuckin' niggas)
Free the block
Just wanna speak forward to you guys, ayy (free the block)
Ay, I got the soul, I got Fourth in this motherfucker mane
(Free my motherfuckin' niggas)
Got Nunu, motherfuckin' CB (yeah)
You got BlocboyJB (yeah), don't play me (that's me, that's me)
Tabo is a ho and it's on G (God), O-D (D)
Ooh I got my fingers crossed, I'm lyin'
I'm flyin' to another fuckin' country
Got your bitch, and she callin' me country
Bitch I'm from Memphis, been gettin' it,
I don't give a damn
Fuck up on your bitch, and I'm fly like I'm Peter Pan
(Yeah yeah yeah)
Yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah

And I put your Benz to the bed, right now, ho
'Cause this the motherfuckin' outro
This the fuckin' outro, ibby-ibby-outro
Outro, ibby-ibby-outro
Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh, uh-uh-outro
Hah, hey, I'm turnt, you know what I'm sayin'? hey
Alright nigga I made it, ooh

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