It's in the Game Songtext
von B‐Legit

It's in the Game Songtext

It's in the game!

It's in the game!

Two to fo months on federal hold
I been good, can't believe the game is cold
Somebody told, that I couldn't handle my floss
Across the bay snitches tryin to shake shit off
I made a call to my lawyer, one to my bitch
Two niggas stuck and we start to sit
Case hella weak, got to dismiss shit
I threw the words with the fish like swiiiss
I only dealt on yall cuz i had some warrants
Tell you to a player on some tickets and toys
I never had a bad case, check my fat on that
I spend a rap, I bet my lawyer peeped that bat
I rap, cuz my mouthpiece the best
Then I let a nigga out on house arrest
I break from the game, got a nigga change
Shit will never change it's in the game

[Chorus 2x]
It's in the game!
It's in the game, ghetto stars, cars, cocaine
When hustlers slang, some niggas bang, it's everythang
Weed, hoes, speed, hop, greed, snitches bleed so what you you need
It's in the game!
It's in the game!

Im a savage about mine for real tho
Kick a bitch in the mouth with my steel toe
Say wussup to my niggas off the Filmore
Scooty G, Prop D, and Young ill hoe
On a mac block shit to get niggas the fame
B's got the blunt and Twins got the game
It's no kool aid just indo
Watch a bitch get naked for the kindo
I bounce outta there, make my way cross town
Dick hard, finsta go knock shit down
Im commin through now, cuz Im affiliated
Im bout' to fuck n' get out n' leave uritaded
I was player hated, bitch heard me speak
Put a note in my pocket said you had me weak
Hit 3rd street n' run in the same
Hella n' fame, it's in the game

[Chorus 2x]

In my last run, bout' to close up shop
Got bitches in a rental holding keys to hop, but me Im nonstop
I catch the red eye and when my hoe touch down
I be a mo' ti'
Im in a suit top, lookin business like
On my lap top fucken with the web site
Email La tell em' hold up
I got good shit commin' fista blow it up
Keep my mouth shut, never tell my raps
And niggas pay me double when they know it's a (?)
And fo' a coo amount, we can take em' off
Have yo niggas meet mine at the shoping mall
We aint takin falls, got balls of steel
Takin hits, see these (?) (?) get killed
It's real, fucken appeal, I aim
If I'm shoot in the brain, it's in the game

[Chorus 2x]

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