From 44 to 48 Songtext
von Blackfield

From 44 to 48 Songtext

Then between 13 and 17
I′d dreamed of all the things I'd be and how
I′d see you all from high on a mountain and know I could take it.

Then between 19 and 21
I knew one day that I'd become someone
And I'd stand up in front of a crowd and feel them adore me.

Then from 24 to 25
A girl I liked became my wife I tried,
It was harder than I′d ever imagined to keep all my dreams alive.

Then from 28 to 33
A new responsibility, a child.
And I worked hard to give her a home, to love and to shelter her.

Then from 44 to 48
I knew I′d left it far too late for sure.
To climb up the mountain 'cause time′s always running away from me.

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