Days Like These Songtext
von Billy Bragg

Days Like These Songtext

The party that became so powerful by sinking
Foreign boats
Is dreaming up new promises because promises
Win votes
And being resolute in conference with the
Ad man′s expertise
The majority by their silence shall pay for days like these

The right to build communities is back behind
Closed doors
'Tween government and people stands the right arm
Of the law
And shame upon the patriot when the mark of the
Bulldog Breed
Is a family without a home and a pensioner in need

Those whose lives are ruled by dogma are waiting
For a sign
The Better Dead Than Red Brigade are listening on the line
And the liberal, with a small L cries in front of the TV
And another demonstration passes on to history
Peace, bread, work, and freedom is the best we
Can achieve
And wearing badges is not enough in days like these

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