Summoned by Bells Songtext
von Big Big Train

Summoned by Bells Songtext

Took a little time
To find the past
To walk the roads
We used to know
That lead us home

Houses in terraced rows
That crowd around
The railway yard
Just sidings now
All overgrown

Above the high fields
Clouds are grey and gold
It's as good a place as anywhere

War came
And fires were seen
From 30 miles away
A city burned
They wait in line

Out in the high fields
Summoned by bells
Church, school

Along the London Road
Across the park at Spinney Hill
(Sledging in the snow)
We had our scrapes and our fights
It was part of the deal

Time moved quickly then
Things were changing all around
The world came
To this small world
Over the hillsides and rooftops
Different stories were heard

We moved on
Found a new place
Oh, we remembered the days of our younger lives
Yeah, we moved on

Long years pass
We walk the roads
The roads that we used to know
Carried with the
Rain that falls

A stone's throw from the line
Some of the old places survive
(A golden thread in time)
A stream running down from the hills
Into the heart of the high fields

So come on now
You know it's alright
Oh, those were the days of our younger lives

Come on now
Come on now
Come on now

Early evening, midweek
In a market town
Oh, walking down those
Same old roads
We know
We know!

Walking down those
Same old roads
We know

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