Beneath the Mask Songtext
von Bell Witch

Beneath the Mask Songtext

The dialogue is sampled from the scene in "The Masque of the Red Death" (1964 film) when Prospero meets the Red Death in the Black Room.

Red Death: Prospero. You command me to wait? Very well. I wait.
Prospero: Condotti? Rimini? Who are you beneath your mask?
Red Death: Is my costume such a disguise that you don't recognize me?
Prospero: Your voice is familiar. Dr. Bernelli, that's who you are. Bernelli, you dog, thinking to... You are not Bernelli.
Red Death: No. The doctor dances in the white room. But I passed close by him. Truly, Prospero, you don't know me?
Prospero: So you've come.
Red Death: Yes, Prospero.
Prospero: [To Francesca] On your knees.
Francesca: Prospero!
Prospero: [To Francesca] On your knees. [To Red Death] The Prince of Darkness. I would like to see your face.
Red Death: There is no face of death until the moment of your own death. And I am only one of many messengers.
Prospero: Who do you come for?
Red Death: Many.
Prospero: All?
Red Death: Not all.
Prospero: I knew I was right. I knew it. I've won.
Red Death: The time of unmasking. They begin to show their naked faces.

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