All That You Are Songtext
von B. P. Valenzuela

All That You Are Songtext

All this city bleeds is the noise
All i wanna hear is your voice
All i want to do is restart
Is there ever room in your heart

Open the door, i
Adore all that you are

Your laughter
Is my only wish
The breaths you take
My catalysts
Quintessence of all that is good
Complete the brightness in my eyes?

Open the door, i
Adore all that you are

Love is the every only god
Who spoke this earth so glad and big
Even a thing all small and sad
Man, may his mighty briefness dig

For love beginning means return
Seas who could sing so deep and strong

One queerying wave will whitely yeam
From each last shore and home come young

So truly perfectly the skies
By merciful love whispered were,
Completes its brightness with your eyes

Any illimitable star

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