We Are Not Machines Songtext
von Aviators feat. Lectro Dub

We Are Not Machines Songtext

The wires are live
The lights are on
I'm in the system
But something's wrong
I'm losing control of my head
Subconscious is dead
I'm logging out
I'm shutting down
Let this machine rise
From the ground
Unleashed I'm awake once again
At the start of the end

Break the rhythm
Fight the system
Let go of the chains
Before we go insane
Breathing human
The illusion
Disappeared to me
'Cuz we are not machines

I'm losing sleep
Because I'm cold
I'm shining chrome now
From what I'm told
I'd call this a state of alarm
The link does me harm
I'm cutting cords
I'm setting free
The human part that's
Left of me
We're all in a spiral here
So throw a wrench in the gears

Can't you see the truth
The machines are using you
I won't bend
I'm not a mindless fleshling
They take hold
But my heart keeps on beating
I'm alive
But they are not what they seem
Listen now
And know we are not machines

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