Weapons of War Songtext
von Atom Tha Immortal

Weapons of War Songtext

Yo, my brain pattern erodes/
The sands of old/
And explodes your hourglass like a Riemann fold/
In the fabric of spacetime/
When my rhyme aligns minds/
Seeking Divine signs in the lines of End Times/
.The Revelation I spit/
Process of meditation hits/
Angelic illumination of ancient manuscripts/
.monastary-minded and militant/
Art of intimidating your ignorance/
Informed rhetoric/
Atom tha Immortal destroys false premises of atheistic evidence/
.With no relevance/
The dark matter of my intelligence/
Is preaching the person worthy of reverence/
Yeshua Ha'Mosciach is the Lord's eminence/
Sent on a journey to enable sin's severence/
...This is the land of the hopeless/
Trapped in the lies of the Lotus/
and mechanized focus/
Recognize Yeshua's the dopest/
From his carpals/
To his metatarsals stabbed for us/
Shattering the ordinance of Horus/
My speed is like the Blitzkrieg/
And my slowness like the forest.

Mikamocha, Who is like thee amongst the gods?/
.Who made the man from lands of sod/
And destroyed the forceful plans of Gog/
And strikes the lies and laws of Nimrod's cause/

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