Ruined Songtext
von As Prayers Fail

Ruined Songtext

Hopeless and gone astray
My bones are sticking out my skin
Searching for a way out
I'm trying my best to remove the knives from my back
To let the wounds heal so I can feel alive again
Cold hearted like a rock in my chest
Not a single care for the world just like the rest

I had nothing to live for
until I saw the colours in your eyes
and stared into your soul
As pure as snow
You grabbed my hand
and guided me through the night
I will never forget this
You're by my side

You're always there to guide me home

How can I ease my mind and forget about my past
Because I have found something new
I'm not going back
I surround myself with hopes and dreams
I turn my back on hate and deceit
We turn our backs on the world

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