High Hopes Songtext
von As Prayers Fail

High Hopes Songtext

I am so lost
My heart was filled with everything I had
But it was not enough to make you stay
You had the heart of a lion but you're too afraid to listen to
what it has to say
Just give me a chance
I will take you far away
So far away from here
Remember the truth and forget about the past
Take my hand and I will take your fears
I wasn't needed but I still waited for you
I would've never let you fall
That's why I gave it all
I've never felt like this
I've never felt so alone
Trapped in the dark with a tiny spark of hope
There's nothing left for me here
I'm taking pills to sleep at night
So I can dream of you and wake up without you by my side
I would do anything to make my dreams come true
I would do anything for you

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