Stranger Songtext
von Anna von Hausswolff

Stranger Songtext

We're walking in a curved line into something new.
The birds are watching every step I take.
Beneath the stars, beneath the moon, there is a hole.
It's covered up in darkness and fear.
But then there is something moving against me.
It's not in line with the world I know.
Changing the heart, changing the spirit,
changing my path, changing my soul.
My sight is clear, the colours are expanding.
I don't frown in the mirror on the world.
There is no time, there is no face, there is no me.
I am following a shadow while I'm reaching for the sun.
But then you tell me I shouldn't worry.
You tell me to stay strong.
You tell me I shouldn't worry.
Why is the stranger in sync with my heart?

I tip toe here, I don't want you to see me.
I'm listening, I'm stolen by every word you say.
A dream is pulling out my heart and spirit.
And I'm scared to fall, I'm scared of death,
and I'm scared of all the lies.
But then you tell me I shoudn't worry.
Oh, you tell me to stay strong.
You tell me I shouldn't worry.
We're living now, let's live now.
Let's live only for love.

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