Ravens Songtext
von Albert Bouchard

Ravens Songtext

A swift flock of ravens on a cloudy day
Draws a trail of contrast black on grey
Crossing the horizon in rapid flight
Soaring to meet the descending night

Stitching a line between land and sea
I reach out my finger to set them free
Tomorrow they'll arrive where you sleep
In another land darkness seeped

I watch the ravens fly as you lay dying
Hearing you insist I won't have crying
Did you really mean to die so soon
Darkness descends like night follows noon

As the raven horde sweeps to the night
Your soul leaps skyward catching flight
Leaving me here unable to rise
I let you go with one last sigh

Wings beat the air like soft thunder
The sky darkens the day grows somber
I won't see you again while I live
As day follows night and take follows give

Gravity anchors me flight has failed
Far far above the moon rises pale
All I ever wanted was one last smile

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