Return to Violence Songtext
von Acranius

Return to Violence Songtext

You bite the hand that feeds you
It's all old habit
That you can't break again and again
You can never stop
It's always wrapped around your neck

Since day one we have been good friends
And we got through times most friendships can't stand
But now I've changed

You're on the ground

Side by side
That's how we slay forever
And in the old and in the coming days
Breaking the promise
I gave to myself
Craving behind my family and my friends

You're on the ground

Together we're bending peace
Like no one else

Together we're playing games on life itself
All I want is staying true
Easily stand the fight with my own hands

Behind our backs
The body get piled
The bodies get piled
In our front these fucks get fire

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