Goodbye Songtext
von Aaron Tveit

Goodbye Songtext

It′s my happy ending
Now it's time to say goodnight
We can stop pretending
Tell the spotlight man turn off my light
′Cause the show is done now

And it's time to leave the stage
Yeah, the good guy won now
And the band has no more songs to play
It's a happy ending so I′ll say

Goodbye to all the make believe
There′s no more magic up my sleeve
There's nothing left to act up here

I′ll take my bow and disappear
No questions left for answering
There's only one word left to sing
It′s a happy ending

To the greatest show on earth
Now the curtain's descending
And I hope you got your money′s worth
Gonna stop the show now

'Cause I wanna leave on top
So get up and go now
'Cause there′s nothing left inside my head
Everything that′s left say's been said
But goodbye

Goodbye to all the song and dance
Offstage I stand a better chance
The show is through, the part′s been played

No standing in the wings afraid
No violins or phony tears
The word that's music to my ears is goodbye
I′m not afraid of stopping

This end could be my start
I wanna live a life
And not just play a part
I'll walk into the sunset

I′ll sail across the sea
The final world
The last you'll hear of me
Is goodbye

Goodbye toe every night alone
Goodbye to live that I don't own
I′m tired of living on the stage
A life that′s only on the page
The empty lives are in the past
I've tried before, but here′s the last

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