Interference Songtext
von A Few Memories

Interference Songtext


Sorry if I disagree
Feel free to speak your mind
I think too many things
I know you'll end unhappy

I speak in a different language
It's weird and yeah I'm freak
It's alright, I don't want to argue
just want to kiss you all nite long

I dont feel it, many things surround,
interference me
And I feel it, many things go down,
escape from me.

Tell me why I cannot take this lie

It's the price of your pride, and I hope it is the last time
I'm not willing to fake it, this is my very last lie
can't tell that I didn't try to fit into your mad mind
and I guess it's my turn

I reject all that you say
I reject your existence
I will make you regret for making me swallow all your shits

I'll never let you free
'Cuz your are part of this
No matter what you try
forever you'll be mine
forever you'll be mine

Why you get into my mind?
Why you love to make me cry?
I just wanna let you go
Step back!!
Just let me drive my life

No matter what you think
No matter what you want
No matter what you say
'Cuz I'm your interference

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