Exist Songtext
von A Few Memories

Exist Songtext


Tonight the light forgets to shine
She gets along all that was mine
Could I get back the meaning of my life?
When everything was just a lie

Can I ignite this candle?
Not even has a wick, not enough
to break this chain and have some fun

Want it or not, the night has trapped my body
Are you ready to rock? I want to be in the spotlight
Like it or not, it's all inside my head
I'll destroy any thought that you've put inside of me

There's a train that I will take
I'll fade away deep inside
There's no way that I will take
your lies again
You've blinded my mind

Too many sunrises I'll see again
Too many sunsets where I will fall again
A Thousand nights where my mind will breath away
I will have my space, right, my own space

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