'Till Death Songtext
von A Brand

'Till Death Songtext

Till death do us part.
You're still safe, crossed my hart
She shook here head and gave me a blow for breakfast
Till death do us part
God I know we don't belong here,
Is that a quote that sounds familiar to you these days?


For crying out loud
Stop messing with the people's head
Stop messing
'Cause the joke ain't funny
The joke ain't canny at all x3

Till death do us part
You looked at me, we connected
She took my hand and started running all the way.
Till death kicks in your face
Three boys dead, non that I knew from
It took us down for a few showers in the afternoon.


Me and my girl in a love machine, your Toyota is fantastic
It takes us down away from here, your Toyota is fantastic
I know a house upon a hill; we could stay there if you will
Me and my girl on a trip to heaven, your Toyota is fantastic
Me and my girl on a trip
Me and my girl on a trip to heaven, your Toyota is fantastic.


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