Unfair Songtext
von 6LACK

Unfair Songtext

Hope my mistakes don't make me less of a man
And lately it feel like them shits really can
I'm prayin' I don't wake up all alone
It's hard to say it, so I write a song
But that ain't equal to me, righting wrongs
Stuck between a rock and a hard place
And I might have to figure this out the hard way
We may not end on the best terms
Maybe we should love and we should learn

I don't wanna fight or be at war
With you, but you
Gotta want the same things
I don't wanna fight and be at war, no, no
With you, but you
Gotta want the same things

So if you ever fall
You know that I'll be there
I know how to put my ego aside, yeah
Correct me if I'm wrong
You said you never wanna share
But now I'm stuck between
What I love and who I love and
I know it's unfair

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