Do You Know This Man? Songtext
von 1000 Generations

Do You Know This Man? Songtext

He called His friends together for dinner one last time
He said, one of you will betray me, and that of which is not mine
So before they ate, He told this certain guest that
He could be excused
And while the rest of them prayed, an offer was made
That just could not be refused

When He broke the bread,
He said, this is my body, which has been given up for you
And when He poured the wine,
He said, this is the divine Blood of Life thats everlasting and new
Then after the feast, when man sleeps cause the flesh is weak,
He said, rise, my betrayers at hand
And the soldiers came and took Him away, just like it was planned

Do you know this Man?
Do you know this Man?
Have you let in the love that poured from His hands?
Do you know this Man?
Do you know this Man?

When they beat Him, He stood alone, even His friends had fled
Cause they feared for their lives, they even told lies
We dont know that guy, they said
And when they took Him to the judge and he announced,
Hes done no wrong to condemn,
The people, they yelled and threatened to rebel
Only His life would silence them

They tore off His clothes, whipped Him to the bone,
And beat a thorn crown in His head
Then they took this Man, drove nails in His hands,
And with one last breath He cried
But the only reason that He died
Was for our lies, our greed, our egos that we feed,
Our mouths, our sex, our pride and complex,
Our rage, our hate, to forgive and consecrate,
The Ultimate Price was paid,
But its never too late

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