Gründung 1972, Auflösung 1980


Burn Baby Burn: Disco Inferno - The Trammps Albums 1975-1980 (Compilation)


  1. Stop and Think
  2. Trusting Heart
  3. Every Dream I Dream Is You
  4. Love Epidemic
  5. Save a Place
  6. Trammps Disco Theme
  7. Where Do We Go From Here
  8. Down Three Dark Streets
  9. I Know That Feeling
  10. Shout

The Legendary Zing Album

  1. Penguin at the Big Apple / Zing Went the Strings of My Heart
  2. Pray All Your Sinners
  3. Sixty Minute Man
  4. Scruboard
  5. Tom's Song
  6. Rubber band
  7. Hold Back the Night
  8. Penguin At The Big Apple
  9. Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart (7" version)

Where the Happy People Go

  1. Soul Searchin' Time
  2. That's Where the Happy People Go
  3. Can We Come Together
  4. Disco Party
  5. Ninety-Nine and a Half
  6. Hooked for Life
  7. Love Is a Funky Thing
  8. Soul Searchin' Time (7" version)
  9. That's Where the Happy People Go (single edit)
  10. Ninety-Nine and a Half (7" version)
  11. Hooked for Life (single edit)

Disco Inferno

  1. Body Contact Contract
  2. Starvin'
  3. I Feel Like I've Been Living (On the Dark Side of the Moon)
  4. Disco Inferno
  5. Don't Burn No Bridges
  6. You Touch My Hot Line
  7. Disco Inferno (single edit)


  1. The Night the Lights Went Out
  2. Love Per Hour
  3. People of the World Rise
  4. Living the Life
  5. Seasons for the Girls
  6. Life Ain't Been Easy
  7. I'm So Glad You Came Along
  8. It Don't Take Much
  9. The Night the Lights Went Out (single edit)
  10. Seasons for Girls (single edit)

The Whole World's Dancing

  1. Love Insurance Policy
  2. Teaser
  3. The Whole World's Dancing
  4. My Love, It's Never Been Better
  5. Soul Bones
  6. Love Magnet
  7. More Good Times to Remember
  8. Teaser (7" version)
  9. The Whole World's Dancing (7" version)

Mixin' It Up

  1. Hard Rock and Disco
  2. You Can Make It
  3. Music Freek
  4. Dance Contest
  5. Everybody Boogie
  6. V.I.P.
  7. Let Me Dance Real Close
  8. Wake Me Up From Yesterday
  9. Hard Rock and Disco (7" version)

Slipping Out

  1. Loveland
  2. Trained-Eye
  3. Mellow Out
  4. Groove All Mighty
  5. Looking for You
  6. Our Thought (Slipping Away)
  7. I Don't Want to Ever Lose Your Love
  8. Is There Any Room for Me
  9. Breathtaking View


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