Again (Compilation)

The Millennium at Last (Compilation)


  1. Prelude
  2. To Claudia on Thursday
  3. I Just Want to Be Your Friend
  4. 5 A.M.
  5. I'm With You
  6. The Island
  7. Sing to Me
  8. It's You
  9. Some Sunny Day
  10. It Won't Always Be the Same
  11. The Know It All
  12. Karmic Dream Sequence #1
  13. There Is Nothing More to Say
  14. Anthem (Begin)
  15. Just About the Same
  16. Blight
  17. It's You (mono single version)
  18. I Just Want to Be Your Friend (mono single version)
  19. 5 A.M. (mono single version)
  20. Prelude (mono single version)
  21. It Won't Always Be the Same (mono single version)
  22. To Claudia on Thursday (mono single version)
  23. There Is Nothing More to Say (mono single version)


  1. Prelude
  2. To Claudia on Thursday
  3. Baby, It's Real
  4. It's You
  5. I Just Don't Know How to Say Goodbye
  6. Good People
  7. Can You See
  8. How Much I Love You
  9. The Blues Is Just a Good Woman Gone Bad
  10. Once Upon a Time
  11. Dying With You
  12. The Word
  13. Share With Me
  14. Sometime or Another
  15. A Younger Me
  16. I Need to Be by Your Side
  17. Sunshine Girl
  18. Suspended Animation
  19. The Ways I Love You
  20. The Hills of Vermont
  21. It Won't Always Be the Same

Voices of the Millennium

  1. Come to Me Baby
  2. I Still Can See Your Face
  3. Measure of a Man
  4. Magic Island
  5. Will You Ever See Me
  6. The Blue Marble
  7. Together in the End
  8. Share With Me
  9. Midnight Sun
  10. Little Lost & Found
  11. Navajo Girl
  12. Keep on Dreamin' (a.k.a. There Is Nothing More to Say)

Another Time

  1. Baby It's Real (von Curt Boettcher)
  2. Another Time (von Curt Boettcher)
  3. Lament of the Astral Cowboy (von Curt Boettcher)
  4. I Just Want to Be Your Friend (von Curt Boettcher)
  5. Louise (von Curt Boettcher)
  6. Share With Me (von Curt Boettcher)
  7. Along Comes Mary (von Curt Boettcher)
  8. Sometimes (von Curt Boettcher)
  9. That's the Way It's Gonna Be (von Curt Boettcher)
  10. The Know It All (von Curt Boettcher)
  11. Misty Mirage (von Curt Boettcher)
  12. If You Only Knew (von Curt Boettcher)
  13. Rest in Peace (von Curt Boettcher)
  14. Tumbling Tumbleweeds (von Curt Boettcher)
  15. You Know I've Found a Way (von Curt Boettcher)
  16. Another Time (alternate version) (von Curt Boettcher)
  17. Meanwhile Back at the World (von Curt Boettcher)

Chicken Little Was Right

  1. I Call You My Rainbow (von Curt Boettcher)
  2. Louise (von Curt Boettcher)
  3. Out of the Dark of the Night (von Curt Boettcher)
  4. Astral Cowboy (von Curt Boettcher)
  5. Rest in Peace (von Curt Boettcher)
  6. Sunrise Mango (von Curt Boettcher)
  7. Sunset Fallin' (von Curt Boettcher)
  8. We're Dying (Angel City) (von Curt Boettcher)
  9. You Make Me Feel So High (von Curt Boettcher)
  10. I've Been Wrong (von Curt Boettcher)
  11. She's Got the Power (von Curt Boettcher)

Everything for You

  1. So Close to Heaven (von Sandy Salisbury)
  2. Missouri Weeps (von Sandy Salisbury)
  3. Candy Kisses (von Sandy Salisbury)
  4. Our Love Is an Unwritten Song (von Sandy Salisbury)
  5. Here Come's That Feeling (von Sandy Salisbury)
  6. Dealer (von Sandy Salisbury)
  7. Leave It to Love (von Sandy Salisbury)
  8. Content Am I (von Sandy Salisbury)
  9. A Lot of Love in Me (von Sandy Salisbury)
  10. Bring Me Home Again (von Sandy Salisbury)
  11. My True Confession (von Sandy Salisbury)
  12. I'm Moving on Back to You (von Sandy Salisbury)
  13. I'll Do the Crying (von Sandy Salisbury)
  14. Love Came to Strawberry Lane (von Sandy Salisbury)
  15. Over and Over Again (von Sandy Salisbury)
  16. Pretty as a Picture (von Sandy Salisbury)
  17. Warm of August (von Sandy Salisbury)
  18. Tender Loving Care (von Sandy Salisbury)
  19. So Much Yourself (von Sandy Salisbury)
  20. Yesterday Today and Tomorrow (von Sandy Salisbury)
  21. Together in the End (von Sandy Salisbury)
  22. Thank You for Loving Me (von Sandy Salisbury)
  23. Some Other Place (von Sandy Salisbury)
  24. Tomorrow (von Sandy Salisbury)
  25. A Little Bit of Love (von Sandy Salisbury)

Do Unto Others

  1. Just Don't Know How to Say Goodbye (von Sandy Salisbury)
  2. Spell on Me (von Sandy Salisbury)
  3. The Hills of Vermont (von Sandy Salisbury)
  4. The Good Ol' Good Times (von Sandy Salisbury)
  5. Come Softly (von Sandy Salisbury)
  6. On and on She Goes (With Me Tonight) (von Sandy Salisbury)
  7. Cecily (von Sandy Salisbury)
  8. Do Unto Others (von Sandy Salisbury)
  9. Once I Knew a Little Dog (von Sandy Salisbury)
  10. Baby Listen (von Sandy Salisbury)
  11. Goody Goodbye (von Sandy Salisbury)
  12. Sweet Sweet Cinnamon (von Sandy Salisbury)
  13. Every Minute of My Life (von Sandy Salisbury)
  14. I'll Do the Cryin' (von Sandy Salisbury)
  15. Super Day (von Sandy Salisbury)

Many Are the Times

  1. That's the Way It's Gonna Be (von Lee Mallory)
  2. Many Are the Times (von Lee Mallory)
  3. Take My Hand (von Lee Mallory)
  4. The Love Song (von Lee Mallory)
  5. Wild Mountain Thyme (von Lee Mallory)
  6. All That I Am Is Me (von Lee Mallory)
  7. Magic Land (von Lee Mallory)
  8. Hey You (von Lee Mallory)
  9. I'm Not Gonna Cry (von Lee Mallory)
  10. Magic Island (von Lee Mallory)
  11. Love Is a Four Letter Word (von Lee Mallory)
  12. Puttin' It Together (von Lee Mallory)
  13. Talk About (von Lee Mallory)
  14. Smile at Me (von Lee Mallory)
  15. Come on In (von Lee Mallory)
  16. Love at Last (von Lee Mallory)
  17. No Other Love (von Lee Mallory)
  18. Them Words (von Lee Mallory)
  19. You've Got Me Movin' (von Lee Mallory)
  20. I'm With You (von Lee Mallory)
  21. Everything's Gonna Be Alright (von Lee Mallory)
  22. Chill of the Night (von Lee Mallory)

Pieces (Compilation)


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