Geboren am 05. Januar 1920, Gestorben am 22. Dezember 2007

Boobs: Ruth Wallis' Greatest Hits (Compilation)

House Party

Mehr Songtexte

  1. Hopalong Chastity
  2. Ain't Gonna Throw Any Rice
  3. Pull Down The Shade, Marie
  4. First Time Starter
  5. Bring The Boys To The House
  6. Ugly Man With Money
  7. Now That You Did It
  8. Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew
  9. Always Be A Bride
  10. It's A Scream How Laveene Does The Rhumba
  11. Through With Marriage
  12. 4 F Papa
  13. Large Size Mama
  14. C'est La Vie
  15. Nothin' But A Man
  16. Love Is For The Birds
  17. The Sweater Girl
  18. It's Great To Be A Broad
  19. My Children Are My Treasure
  20. Long, Long Time
  21. Julie
  22. Booze Is The Answer
  23. Seventh Wife Of Seventh Son
  24. My Sugar Daddy
  25. The Admiral's Daughter
  26. Johnny Had A Yoyo
  27. Man Mink Million
  28. Tonight For Sure
  29. The American Plan
  30. Life Of Reilly
  31. Sweater Girl
  32. I Played Changing Partners
  33. Brandy-Me Tea
  34. Answer To A Maiden's Prayer
  35. My First Englishman
  36. Long Playing Daddy
  37. Sexiest Girl In Town
  38. The Bells Song
  39. Marry-Go-Round
  40. He Wants A Little Pizza
  41. A Man of My Own
  42. You're Daddy Was A Sailor
  43. He Called Me Comrade
  44. Chile Was Hot
  45. Playing The Field
  46. Do It Yourself Kit
  47. Miss Custer's Last Stand
  48. Pink And Purple Pills
  49. The Cowboy Song
  50. Johnny Had A Yo-Yo
  51. Johnny's Little Yo-Yo
  52. I Was In Love For Two Days
  53. Brandy In Me Tea
  54. I Know
  55. Love Songs For Idiots
  56. A Man, A Mink And A Million
  57. It's A Scream How Leveene Does The Rhumba
  58. Goldmine
  59. Large Size Mamma
  60. Men In My Life
  61. Red Lights And Bells
  62. Eat and Drink, Be Merry
  63. Army Gave My Husband Back
  64. An Oilman From Texas
  65. Bill
  66. Vulture For Culture
  67. Gimme
  68. Long Long Time
  69. How To Stay Sexy Tho Married
  70. You've Got To Have Boobs
  71. Stay Out Of My Pantry
  72. I've Had It
  73. Jamaica Rum
  74. Letter From Bermuda
  75. Love Samba
  76. Do Me A Favor
  77. Down In The Indes


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