1. Sonic Boom D'nB Mix
  2. Fairy Of A.I.F.
  3. Open Your Heart MJZ Mix
  4. Manuals Menu
  5. Sonic 6290 Mix
  6. Gems Museum (Theme)
  7. Long Intro
  8. Credits
  9. Title Screen
  10. Menu
  11. Are You Brave
  12. Can You Feel The Sunshine ACID Mix
  13. Living In The City LTN Mix
  14. Sonic After-6290 Mix
  15. Sonic Goes UG Mix
  16. Sonic Heroes No-GTR Mix
  17. Sonic 3 MegaD Mix
  18. Games Menu
  19. Stage 2: Ocean Palace
  20. Special Stage: Bonus Challenge
  21. System Screen: Select
  22. Stage 12: Mystic Mansion
  23. Main Menu
  24. Fête de Paris (Je te veux)
  25. Shop Open
  26. The Father Who has Gone
  27. R
  28. Escaping the Courtyard Garden
  29. Detective Claude's Appearance
  30. Celebration Party Hall
  31. Escape on a Glider
  32. Faux Phantom R appears!
  33. Sound Trick Clear
  35. Advancing Through the Underground Passage
  36. Re-Invasion of the Louvre Museum
  37. Legendary Musical Instrument Shop
  38. Phantom R Jingle
  39. FAILED...
  40. Calling on Phantom R
  41. Borduoin VS Chevaliers
  42. Sound Trick
  43. Invasion
  44. Key to the Dragon Crown
  45. La musique dans les monuments
  46. Rhythm Kitchen
  47. Claude's Rematch
  48. Again! Meat Strategy
  49. Napoleon's Speech
  50. Faux Phantom R Again?
  51. Restaurant Examination
  52. SHALL WE DANCE? (The Blue Danube)
  53. Victory Song of Bastille Day
  54. Phantom R's Theme
  55. Samba Carnival (VAMOS A CARNAVAL!)
  56. Good bye, Phantom R
  57. Chevalier Diabolique Takedown
  58. Escape from Paris City Police Department
  59. Phantom R's Defeat (Fugue in G minor, "Little" BWV 578)
  60. Parting with Maria
  61. Re-decisive Battle! Detective Claude
  62. Moon Princess
  63. Ralph's Appearance
  64. Escape from Teatro dell'Opera
  65. Time Limit
  66. Melody of Hope
  67. Bracelet of Tiamat, Shining Moment
  68. Pass the Valet Test
  69. Rhythm Game Clear
  70. Confrontation! Butler Rowan
  71. Napoleon's Theme
  72. Paris' Leading Bodyguard
  73. The Real Chevalier Diabolique
  74. Mystere Incident
  75. Secret of the Apartment
  76. Inheriting the Purpose
  77. Ralph encouraging Maria
  78. Secret of the Crest
  79. Je te dis au revoir
  80. Elisabeth's Defeat
  81. Encounter with Maria
  84. Confrontation! Emperor Napoleon
  85. Hurry to the Eiffel Tower
  86. Jump! Meat Strategy
  87. Grand Strategy of Rhythm Thief Fondue
  88. Stand in Heinrich's Way (Fugue in G minor, "Little" BWV 578)
  89. Infiltrating Elisabeth's Manor
  90. Duchess Elisabeth and Maria
  91. Night in Paris
  92. Searching for a Sound
  93. The Bond of a Parent and Child
  94. Love Tactics
  95. Phantom R's Escape
  96. The Story So Far...
  97. Battle at the Eiffel Tower
  98. Storm of Paris
  99. Fondue's Wish
  100. Escape from Notre Dame
  101. Solo Phantom Notes
  102. Pass the Musical Examination Test (Air in G)
  103. Day in Paris ver.2
  104. Battle Chevalier Diabolique
  105. SHOW TIME
  106. Advancing to the Sky Garden
  107. Maria's Theme
  108. Chapter
  109. Last Battle! Chevalier Diabolique
  110. Decisive Battle! Emperor Napoleon
  111. Day in Paris
  112. Police Superintendent Borduoin's Appearance
  113. Infiltrate into Paris City Police Department
  114. I Can Dance For You (I Can Die For You~Rapid 60's Time MIX~)
  115. Napoleon's Hideout
  116. Louvre Museum Invasion
  117. Ralph's Daily Routine


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