Gründung 1970


The Albums 1976-81 (Compilation)

Impala Saga

  1. Hello Nadine
  2. Never Mind I've Still Got My Rock 'n' Roll
  3. Ain't Too Bad
  4. Too Fast
  5. Ain't Gonna Work No More
  6. Impala Saga
  7. It's a Secret
  8. Bottle of Beer
  9. Get Down on Yout Baby
  10. Hit Me
  11. Never Mind I've Still Got My Rock 'n' Roll (reprise)
  12. Let's Go
  13. Don't Let Go
  14. Give Me Bop
  15. English Girls
  16. Hello Nadine (demo version)
  17. Just Wanna Dance With You

Lovin' In the Alleys Fightin' in the Streets

  1. All That a Woman Should Be
  2. I Could Never Start Lovin' You
  3. Lovin' In The Alleys An' Fightin' In The Streets
  4. The Grease
  5. Dragster Queen
  6. Heavy Foot Stomp
  7. Gone to Malaya
  8. Can't Keep It Down
  9. Lovin' in the Mornin'
  10. Just Can't Say Goodbye
  11. That's My Baby
  12. Sur le pont d'Avignon (single version)
  13. Dragster Queen (single version)
  14. We're Gonna Boogie
  15. I Do What I Want

Ray Dorset & Mungo Jerry

  1. Sugar Mama
  2. Hello It's You Again
  3. Let's Make It
  4. Hooray It's Party Time
  5. Goodtime Goodtime
  6. Baby Ride My Train
  7. We're OK
  8. Give It All You Got
  9. Get Up and Dance
  10. Can't Get to You
  11. Shadow Of The Trees
  12. We're O.K. (demo)
  13. Shadow of the Trees (demo)

Six a Side

  1. Can't Get Over Lovin' You
  2. What's Her Name What's Her Number?
  3. Hello Nadine
  4. It's a Secret
  5. Lana
  6. Sur le pont d'Avignon
  7. Feels Like I'm in Love
  8. Summertime Holiday
  9. Hello It's You Again
  10. All That a Woman Should Be
  11. Gone to Malaya
  12. Dancing in the Street
  13. Why D'ya Lie to Me
  14. She Had to Go (The Insiders)
  15. Rollin' and Strollin' (The Insiders)
  16. Forgotten Land
  17. New Way of Life
  18. Night on the Town
  19. Really Had a Good Time

Together Again

  1. Together Again
  2. Rockin' on the Road
  3. Marguerita
  4. Heart of Fire
  5. Knocking on Heavens Door
  6. Stay With Me
  7. Miss You Tonight
  8. Come Deeper
  9. Something on Your Mind
  10. How Can I Live a Lie
  11. Let's Get Started (short version)
  12. Hazel Eyes
  13. Hey, What's Your Name
  14. Keep Me Up All Night
  15. 9 'til 5
  16. My Chair


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