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American Dreamer (Compilation)

More Than a New Discovery

  1. Goodbye Joe
  2. Billy’s Blues
  3. And When I Die
  4. Stoney End
  5. Lazy Susan
  6. Hands Off the Man
  7. Wedding Bell Blues
  8. Buy and Sell
  9. He’s a Runner
  10. Blowin’ Away
  11. I Never Meant to Hurt You
  12. California Shoe‐Shine Boys

Eli and the Thirteenth Confession

  1. Luckie
  2. Lu
  3. Sweet Blindness
  4. Poverty Train
  5. Lonely Women
  6. Eli’s Comin’
  7. Timer
  8. Stoned Soul Picnic
  9. Emmie
  10. Woman’s Blues
  11. Once It Was Alright Now (Farmer Joe)
  12. December’s Boudoir
  13. The Confession

New York Tendaberry

  1. You Don’t Love Me When I Cry
  2. Captain for Dark Mornings
  3. Tom Cat Goodby e
  4. Mercy on Broadway
  5. Save The Country
  6. Gibsom Street
  7. Time and Love
  8. The Man Who Sends Me Home
  9. Sweet Lovin’ Baby
  10. Captain Saint Lucifer
  11. New York Tendaberry

Christmas and the Beads of Sweat

  1. Brown Earth
  2. When I Was a Freeport and You Were the Main Drag
  3. Blackpatch
  4. Been on a Train
  5. Up on the Roof
  6. Upstairs By A Chinese Lamp
  7. Map to the Treasure
  8. Beads of Sweat
  9. Christmas in My Soul

Gonna Take a Miracle

  1. I Met Him on a Sunday (von Laura Nyro and LaBelle)
  2. The Bells (von Laura Nyro and LaBelle)
  3. Monkey Time / Dancing in the Street (von Laura Nyro and LaBelle)
  4. Desiree (von Laura Nyro and LaBelle)
  5. You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me (von Laura Nyro and LaBelle)
  6. Spanish Harlem (von Laura Nyro and LaBelle)
  7. Jimmy Mack (von Laura Nyro and LaBelle)
  8. Wind (von Laura Nyro and LaBelle)
  9. Nowhere to Run (von Laura Nyro and LaBelle)
  10. It’s Gonna Take a Miracle (von Laura Nyro and LaBelle)


  1. Sexy Mama
  2. Children of the Junks
  3. Money
  4. I Am the Blues
  5. Stormy Love
  6. The Cat‐Song
  7. Midnite Blue
  8. Smile


  1. Mr. Blue (The Song of Communications)
  2. Rhythm and Blues
  3. My Innocence
  4. Crazy Love
  5. American Dreamer
  6. Springblown
  7. The Sweet Sky
  8. Light (Pop’s Principle)
  9. Child in a Universe
  10. The Nest

Rarities and Live Recordings

  1. Stoney End (single version) (mono version)
  2. Lu (demo)
  3. Stoned Soul Picnic (demo)
  4. Emmie (demo)
  5. Eli’s Comin’ (single version) (mono version)
  6. Save The Country (single version)
  7. In the Country Way (album version)
  8. Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing (recorded live 30 May 1971, Fillmore East, USA)
  9. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman (recorded live 30 May 1971, Fillmore East, USA)
  10. O‐o‐h Child (recorded live 30 May 1971, Fillmore East, USA)
  11. Up on the Roof (recorded live 30 May 1971, Fillmore East, USA)
  12. Someone Loves You (demo)
  13. Get Off My Cap (demo)
  14. Coffee Morning (demo)
  15. Medley: Emily / Nested (live)


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